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Co-opted members

Secretariat RCR

Dr Tom Roques -  CHAIR 2023
Dr Danya Abdulwahid 

Dr Ruth Board (RCP) 
Dr Roshan Agarwal (ACP)

Dr John Ashcroft

Ms Pinkie Chambers 
Ms Netty Cracknell 

Ms Lisa Barrott

Dr Rosie Roberts

  • Dr Denise Bonney, Paediatric Haematology Representative (Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG))

  • Dr David Hobin, Paediatric Oncology Representative (Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG)

  • Dr Catherine Bale (Wales Representative)

  • Prof David Cameron. Professor of Oncology at Edinburgh University (Scotland Representative)

  • Ms Fionnuala Green (Northern Ireland Representative)

  • Dr Martine Bomb (SACT Dataset Team, NHS England)

  • Dr Pippa Corrie (Cancer Clinical Specialty Lead, National Institute for Health Research)

  • Dr Emma Kipps (Clinical Lead, National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service, NHS England)

  • Dr Janine Mansi (Lead Clinician, National Regimen-Specific SACT Consent Forms)

  • Lucy Cox (Lead Pharmacist, National Regimen-Specific SACT Consent Forms)

  • Dr Anne Rigg (National Specialty Adviser for Chemotherapy, NHS England)

  • Dr Clare Barlow (Immunotherapy Representative)

  • Dr Ernie Marshall (UK Acute Oncology Society (UKAOS) Representative)

  • Dr Britta Stordal (Lay Representative)

Ms Gillian Dollamore

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